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Architectural Rendering

Many clients use this service to improve their planning applications. We specialise in high quality perspective illustrations of buildings and urban street scenes that are technically correct, set up manually to accurate mathematical projection. We do not supply Computer Generated Images (CGI) as all illustrations we produce provide a rather softer appearance through the highly competent use of watercolour.
We work for prestigious corporate clients, architects and large developers across the UK, including The Grosvenor Estate, Charles Church, Berkley Homes, architects Tebbott and Wells, Ralph Guilor and planning consultant Gavin Boby. Some of our clients have used architectural CGI and have come back to us, for certain projects which require a ‘softer ‘ feel, such as vernacular architecture, preferring the methods we use to show their developments to best effect for both planning approval and marketing purposes. Clients have also advised that there is the added benefit of our rendering processes being less expensive than commissioning CGI.
The architectural rendering process we use consists of:
  • initial line drawings projected from plans and elevations supplied by the client;
  • these line drawings are scanned and emailed to you as the client for your approval;
  • adjustments can be made to the perspective drawing at this stage;
  • once you are satisfied with the perspective line drawing we prefer you to sign it off, and return it to us, prior to the full colour rendering being carried out;
  • subsequent alterations will attract a charge;
  • the architectural rendering is completed in watercolour;
  • on completion the illustration is scanned and emailed to you prior to the delivery of the original.


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